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DRNM Charity Fundraiser

Create an elegant family portrait and help dogs and cats in need this year. 

Create an elegant family portrait and help dogs and cats in need this year. 

A Fundraiser to benefit the Doberman Rescue of New Mexico

From June 21-22 , 2014 we’ll open up our studio in Denver for anyone who would like to have a custom photo session to create unique art with their family while helping the animals served by DRNM. Your donation of $75  or $200 earns you a session. 100% of all donations go directly to DRNM.

Call 303-562-5536 to reserve your spot.

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Frequently asked questions

What do I get? – it depends on the level of your donation:

  • $75 – a lite session (20-30 minutes, ideal for one well behaved dog. These sessions have limited availability.)
  • $200 – Our Art Lover's Session - this hour long session is ideal for multiple dogs, less well behaved dogs, dogs and kids or your whole family. We focus on creating a variety of options to become a fine art  piece for your wall. This session includes a $75 credit toward any wall art (wall art comes in many formats and is 20"x20" or larger).

Art Lover's Sessions include a reception for you to come in and enjoy a glass of wine (or soda) while you choose your favorite photographs from the experience. Unless listed, sessions do not include prints or digital files from the session.

Who should participate? - Anyone interested in a unique opportunity to capture the love and bond of your furry family in a piece of art for their walls. There is no obligation to purchase anything, but we hope that anyone who participates wants to display new artwork in the home. If you'd simply like to support DRNM please consider doing so here so that you don't occupy a slot for someone who wasn't able to get in.

What if I want to give more than $200? – If you decide to give more we’ll reward you more. During your session ask about prints, art cards and canvases that we can create for you to help benefit DRNM.

Can my kids/family be in the pictures? – Yes, please! we would love to have your family in the photos. Please note that it is, however, often easier for the pets to pay attention without their kids present if the kids aren’t going to be in the photos.

Is the event limited to Dobermans only? - No! we welcome all breeds and mixes of breed.

I have more than two dogs, can I bring them all? - Please tell us about your dogs so we can determine if we can get everything you need within the standard session. We may allot more time and ask you to increase your donation accordingly.

Who can come, only dogs? – Any well socialized dog is welcome. Please note that cats are not always thrilled by the process and their tolerance will determine the extent of your session. We’re unable to have farm animals (including pigs, even if they’re house pigs), however if you’d like to arrange a special session where we travel to you we’ll be happy to discuss it.

Can I help? – Yes, please tell your friends about the event or get your boss to make a donation. 

What if I want something more than what’s listed above with the donation levels? – You may purchase additional products as you desire, there is no requirement for you to do so. A portion of any additional purchase will be donated to DRNM. We have options for all budgets.

How much do additional photos cost? We have individual prints starting at $85 and a create your own collection system with a $199 minimum order. We focus on creating lasting fine art for your walls and our ready to hang Museum Canvases or framed fine art prints start at $389.  An average lite session customer elects a number of photos and sizes and usually spends between $300 and $700. An average Art Lover will select a mixture of large and small pieces and invest $800-$1500. Please call 303-562-5536 and we'll be happy to discuss options and send you a price list.

Are there any special rules? – Yes, because the available sessions are very limited you will be required to reserve your spot with a credit card. If you fail to show for your session or cancel your session with less than two weeks notice your card will be charged for your pledge. If you miss your session due to an illness or documented emergency we will do our best to get you rescheduled. For everyone’s safety we have a few studio rules that must be followed and also require you to be liable for the behavior of your children and pets at all times. We do our best to make everyone comfortable and relaxed, but any pet exhibiting aggressive behavior will be asked to leave immediately with no refund of any session fees paid.