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Dog Prep Guide


Preparing your Dog for your Photo Session

Mark works with dogs of all obedience levels, breeds and temperaments. To get the best photos it is crucial that you properly prepare your pets. You are liable for the behavior of your pets at all times and an improperly prepared pet or an aggressive pet can mean the immediate end of your session at Mark's sole discretion. 

A Tired dog is a cooperative dog - please ensure that you have ample time to exercise your dog(s) immediately before getting in the car to come to your session. The level of exercise should be appropriate to the breed and age of your dog. A walk is not exercise to a young Aussie, lab or other active dog and "time in the yard" doesn't count as exercise either. Please get them running so that they are moderately tired before your appointment (moderately tired, not exhausted). 

Retractable leashes are not allowed in our studio. Please bring only fixed length leashes no longer than 6 feet. 

If your dog is a picky eater please bring their favorite treat. We give treats on a pay-for-performance basis, please let Mark determine when the dog gets treats. 

We want your dog to be comfortable and safe. If your dog is startled by anything, anxious, fearful, doesn't like certain things or people please let us know. We will adapt as necessary.

You must disclose if your dog has been or you suspect that it may be aggressive. Mark will still work with you but we will do things differently to keep everyone safe and comfortable and some scenarios may not be available to you. 

You know your children and your animals best. Please clearly communicate if your pets aren't comfortable in close proximity to your children. 

People not in any pictures are distractions. Please only bring people who will be in some or all of the photos.