Rescue Puppies - TBT

It's hard to believe that it's been 5 years since we had these two tiny and fluffy foster puppies in our home! These puppies only stayed with us for a few weeks (until they were old enough to find their forever homes), but this pair left us with many fond memories. They were especially fond of helping Mark take pictures!

I highly encourage you to think about fostering a dog or cat if you like animals and have some love to share. We fostered through Life is Better Rescue, but I know that there are many other wonderful animal rescue groups in the Denver and surrounding areas (some are all breeds and some are breed-specific) who are in constant need of temporary fosters.

Many people say they could not foster because they would get attached to the dog or cat. We've had some amazing foster puppies over the years and it was very difficult to let them go to their new homes. But, we were able to give them a place to stay and love when they had nowhere else to go.