The Little Cowboy - TBT

We've had the privilege of photographing this Denver family since the family was just his mom, dad & 2 dalmatians. In addition to the multiple photo shoots leading up to his 1st birthday, including his newborn photo shoot and 6 month baby shoot, this photo shoot was so much fun! Baby butt in a sombrero? Smash cake on a naked baby? Or little cowboy with his trusty steed? We covered it all! It is so much fun for us to see your children grow and we love "growing" along with you to document all the milestones along the way. We're always happy to do a theme-specific photography session if you have something specific in mind that you'd like to try. This little guy is now in school (how did that happen???), but we're still enjoying photographing his family and his new little brother when they visit Denver!