Studio Climate Control - Check!

If you ever visited Mark's old photography studio in downtown Denver, you may remember that it was a very cool, old building, but it had terrible climate control. This was very frustrating for us since we want each photo shoot to be a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Plus, it is important that we are able to keep the dogs who come to see us at a comfortable temperature, too, so that we can get the best pictures possible.

A proper climate control system was one of our top priorities when planning his new studio and it actually turned out to be more challenging that we anticipated. But, our new HVAC system was installed yesterday and we're looking forward to keeping all of our clients (furry and not so furry) comfortable all year round!

Stop and smell the flowers! TBT

The blooming crab apple trees are one of my favorite things about spring! Thankfully, due to the especially nice weather we've experienced in Denver this spring, they've stuck around for a couple of weeks now. Even when I'm in a hurry, I can't help but stop and smell the blossoms. I hope you are enjoying them as much as we do here!

Two years ago this little Munchkin was first introduced to the crab apple flowers and she's been a big fan of them ever since! This year she's old enough to attempt jumping to reach them.


"You need professional pictures of your dog!"

Mark's had the privilege of photographing this lovely lady prior to fitness competitions in the past and he was thrilled when she contacted him about doing a photo shoot with her boxer, Dixie. After seeing the pictures from their session, she was overwhelmed. "Trust me when I say "get some professional pictures of your pets!" I'm sooo thankful for the work of Mark Stevens and his passion for dog photography!" These are pictures of her BFF that she will treasure forever.

If you've thought of having professional pictures taken of your pets in the past, don't put it off! Book your session with Mark now.


The Little Cowboy - TBT

We've had the privilege of photographing this Denver family since the family was just his mom, dad & 2 dalmatians. In addition to the multiple photo shoots leading up to his 1st birthday, including his newborn photo shoot and 6 month baby shoot, this photo shoot was so much fun! Baby butt in a sombrero? Smash cake on a naked baby? Or little cowboy with his trusty steed? We covered it all! It is so much fun for us to see your children grow and we love "growing" along with you to document all the milestones along the way. We're always happy to do a theme-specific photography session if you have something specific in mind that you'd like to try. This little guy is now in school (how did that happen???), but we're still enjoying photographing his family and his new little brother when they visit Denver!


The Denver Vintage Whites Market

Construction progress on our new Denver photography studio continues and I've been keeping my eye out for some classic, yet statement furniture pieces for when it's time to decorate the new space. Decorating the new studio gives me the perfect excuse to visit the Vintage Whites Market happening in Denver this Friday & Saturday! There will be over 200 vendors with antique, shabby chic, handmade, architectural salvage, and other amazing finds. Plus, there will be workshops, live music and food vendors onsite. The weather forecast for Denver on Saturday looks cold and wet (possibly even snow!), so what better way to spend a dreary day than to spend the day indoors shopping for unique home decor and accessories? Tickets are available in advance and at the door.

The Dog Trio - TBT

Frank (bulldog) and Piper (Yorkie terrier) were already clients of our studio when their family decided to add a new puppy (Charlie) to the family. As many families who have a new baby want to have professional pictures taken to highlight their new addition, this family wanted an updated family portrait with all 3 of their fur kids. They were a little uncertain about how the session would work with 3 dogs (at the same time), but they really wanted some new artwork for their living room that showcased the dogs together. We got to meet Charlie when he was around 12 weeks old and it was neat to see how well he already fit into the family with his big doggie brother and sister. This was a very fun photo shoot and we got lots of puppy loves and kisses! The finished pictures turned out simply beautiful and we were so happy to be able to continue to capture this family as they grew!


Charity Auction Donations

Mark Stevens Photography, LLC is involved in many charitable causes in and around the Denver area and we encourage you to contact us if you think we might be able to help your organization. Mark has a particular soft spot for programs that promote the arts, help children and organizations that help make life better for pets in need.

We are able to donate to most organizations with a 501c(3) or 501c(6) status. If you work with a school group or local early education center and are not formally organized as a charity we will be happy to work with you. We do ask that the school you are working for sends us a brief letter confirming your affiliation.

Spring and fall are the big fundraising seasons for many non-profits in Denver and if your group is holding gala or dinner with an auction, then please contact us about donating to your event.


A Girl and Her Horse - TBT

There are few things as beautiful as girl with her horse on a gorgeous afternoon in Colorado. The wildflowers were blooming and the light was golden. This horse property in Parker was the perfect location for an outdoor photo shoot and all the conditions were simply perfect. It also helps when you have a stunning model! Mark photographed multiple horses and various family members during this family portrait session and they ended up with so many wonderful images! They loved their pictures so much that they chose to display 18 canvases as collage to cover an entire wall in their living room. Their artwork displayed this way is simply stunning and they get to enjoy their images every single day.


Yellow makes us smile

After trying out many samples of paint for the new studio, we finally settled on a sunny, cheery yellow. Yellow makes us smile and we hope that you'll also crack a smile when you come see our studio in person. We can't wait to start booking appointments in our new space. But in the meantime, you can still come in for a session at our current downtown Denver location.